Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Lots of work lately. I decided that simple wallets were not very interesting and dragged out the exotic leathers. Cane toad, ostrich, ostrich leg, and alligator - all fair game. Up first are the snap bifolds, all with edge braiding and interiors in cowhide:

Next we have a couple of biker wallets. I took advantage of the alligator that's been laying around on the workbench and came up with a couple of designs. First is the one with the solid gator exterior. It also has black cowhide edge braiding and is lined with black buffalo calf. The matching belt loop is connected with a stainless steel wallet chain. Both clips are stainless, and I made the chain in a Full Persian 6-1 pattern out of stainless rings:

Next is the weird one. I combined the burnt orange alligator with this blue-gray nubuck leather that I've been quite fond of lately. The stitching is brown and so is the kangaroo lace that I used to do the edge braiding. There's a matching belt loop, and it also is connected with a full stainless wallet chain in the same pattern as the other: