Sunday, August 15, 2010

An unexpected project

Someone that I used to work with at my day job went on to work for a local hotel, and a very nice one at that. A chance encounter in a grocery store parking lot led to a discussion of what I've been doing with my time (leather working), and the conversation ended with "we may have need of your services." Fast forward to last Thursday, when I got an email from her asking if I could assemble 50 key fobs for an event that would occur that Saturday. I figured this was a challenge that couldn't be ignored, so of course my response was "Yes!"

After this rush project, I went on to create a biker wallet with North Western Native American imagery, specifically that of a thunderbird.

This also was a good challenge, as I'd never drawn anything in this style before. It was a good exercise for me, learning how to draw in that particular style and then adopting it to the shape of the wallet.

Up next - redo of a leather cuff that unfortunately was too short, a couple of front pocket/minimal wallets, and a small case for bookbinding tools.