Saturday, December 08, 2012

Tiny and Toads

Only a couple of things to share this morning. Up first is a very tiny book that I made for my girlfriend to celebrate our anniversary. She's very enthusiastic about miniatures and tiny things in general, so I thought this would be both a challenge for me and something she'd appreciate. Onward to the progress shots - sewing the signatures onto cords:
 Spine treatment:
 Cutting channels into the boards for the cords:
 The endbands are sewn by hand, and are composed of my beard hair (she also like Victorian hair art):
 For the cover, I used cane toad skin:
Here is the finished piece, along with its slipcase and a penny for comparison:

 I'd rescued some marbled paper from a repair at work, and that made for an excellent pastedown:
Up next is a potential piece for a client, who's been waiting patiently for quite a while. "Potential" in that I hope she likes it, and if not, I'll try and sell it through my Etsy store. The request was for a bright, colorful clutch that was a little larger than normal, with removable straps. She wanted to be able to carry a phone, sunglasses, and a wallet, and as an artist she needed to have pen and pencil slots. The exterior is pieced together from multiple cane toad skins, and the strap, interior and sides are a softer pale yellow leather: