Saturday, November 10, 2012

Surinam toad wallets

This project has been brewing in my mind for a long time and it's finally come to fruition. Ever since I made the tentacle/sucker wallet, I've wanted to do more wallets along the same lines but based on the Surinam toad (star-fingered toad, Pipa Pipa, disgusting abomination, etc.) If you don't know what this is then do a web search at your own risk.
First up is the subtle version. Natural vegetable-tanned leather makes up the majority of the wallet, and the green leather peeking through like a baby toad is cane toad skin:

And now for the not-so-subtle version. This bifold wallet is made up of dyed and tooled vegetable-tanned leather on the outside, and the brown is again cane toad skin. The interior is a combination of buffalo calf and doe kidskin, and an anorak snap keeps things secure:

Please don't hold me responsible for any gag reflexes that may result.