Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mostly wallets and some transportation issues

Lots of work happening lately...that is, when I'm not having to do repairs on my truck or making major modifications to my daily commuter bike. Up first is yet another trucker wallet, this time with a prickly pear/eyeball design:

On a whim, I decided to make myself a newer, fancier wallet. The exterior is ostrich leg and uses cowhide for the edge braiding. The interior is an eye-watering shade of green, and a side snap keeps all my essentials secure (I usually throw my wallet in a bag):

Here is a batch of nubuck front pocket wallets for my Etsy store:

Here's a snap bifold in that same ambiguous not quite gray/not quite blue nubuck leather:

Then I made a batch of really simple front pocket wallets/card cases. Also on Etsy:

Then, I decided to spring for some Horween shell cordovan and made a couple of, you guessed it, wallets. Up first is a snap bifold:

And there was enough left over to make a front pocket wallet/card case:

Last but certainly not least is a pipe and tobacco pouch for a rather long, Gandalf-style pipe. This was yet another opportunity to tool a design with that Great Old One, Cthulhu. It's got four inner pockets for tools and/or cards, and one large zippered and undyed pocket for tobacco: