Saturday, June 09, 2012

Latest creations

It feels like I haven't been that productive lately, but there are at least a few things I can share. Up first is a bag I made for my girlfriend's dad. With the exception of the strap, it's constructed out of soft, thick deer-tanned cowhide and brass hardware.

Each of the lower vertical "stripes" on the flap pockets is an attachment point for a carabiner.

The attachment points for the strap each have a simple pocket for guitar picks, at the curved slot under the rivet. Rene is a musician and wanted some quick access slots for mandolin or guitar picks.
Plenty of interior pockets for keeping his gear organized. I don't have any process shots to share, but here's a pic of all the pieces used to construct the bag:

Up next is another knife project. I ordered a damascus knife blank from Olamic Cutlery, and took this as an opportunity to play with some more G10 handle material. A ghostly jade green seemed to me to be a good compliment to the darker metal, and this was also a perfect chance to work on my edge file work (which is still a challenge to photograph...)

A new knife needs requires a new sheath, and I was able to construct one entirely out of scraps.

Every once in a while I get the urge to get brass shavings all over the place, and this time what emerged was a raven skull pendant for my girlfriend:

Last but not least is a simple case for a white elephant gift swap. Our weekly craft group recently celebrated another anniversary, which of course means exchanging and/or stealing gifts. Here's my contribution - large enough to carry cash, cards and a phone, but small enough to be thrown into a purse: