Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wallets galore.

As indicated by the title, I've mostly been working on wallets lately. First up is a mockup of a larger zip wallet, rendered in a slightly oily nubuck:

Four card slots and two larger pockets for bills, plus all the space in the middle, and a small ring in case there needs to be a chain. This led to this:

Same concept, but I moved the card slots to the center to keep the thickness of the wallet consistent. Once again, I forgot to photograph this before applying the clearcoat, so here's an in-progress shot - tooling complete, prior to dyeing:

 This client also wanted a smaller zippered bifold, which is here:

This particular request was for a retro robot doing the Robot dance:

This individual didn't actually request any imagery, so they got a three-eyed goat:

This wasn't a request, but was something I've been wanting to make for a while. It's a snap bifold, and the exterior is two different colors of cane toad skin. Spanish two loop edge braiding keeps everything clean and fancy, and the interior is natural veg-tanned leather. This wallet is available, and unless someone claims it I'll post it to my Etsy store:

This is the second wallet I've done of the houses in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. This time it's House Stark:

Last but not least, my girlfriend and I have been doing some chain maille. She really took to this particular craft, and has made quite a bit more than me, in terms of volume and variety, but I've made a few wallet chains myself and just need to make some wallets to go with them. Pictured here are two in stainless steel, one each of bronze and brass, and two that are a combination of brass and bronze. Three are the Full Persian 6in1 pattern, but three are my own variation on that pattern: