Saturday, June 11, 2011

Superhero belt, cash carry and an experiment in new materials

Lots of new goodies for the blog this afternoon. Up first is a utility, or superhero, belt for a local derby gal, one Scrape Myrtle. She requested a custom belt that would also have a couple of removable pouches, so that the essentials could be carried while skating. This tool belt was to have a small pouch for cards and maybe lip balm, plus a clutch that could carry more cards, cash, phone, etc. The clutch also needed to do double duty as a stand-alone clutch. A third idea for a water bottle holster was scrapped, but could possibly be revisited later. The overall theme was to be tree branches and tentacles, which was a great concept to keep the design flowing. Here's the belt:

Here's the card pouch:

The clutch. The belt loops use snap closures to keep them as loops or to cinch them tighter for stand-alone clutch use.

The superhero belt in action:

Up next is a simple case that I made on a whim. I've been using it on those rare occasions when it's necessary to carry a lot of cash. The outside leather is deer-tanned cowhide and the case is lined with vegetable-tanned leather:

Finally, here's a tote bag. As you and I both know, tote bags are plentiful and cheap, but for some reason the idea to make one got stuck in my head and the only solution was to go through with it. The construction for this was a first for me, in that it's mostly made of cotton duck canvas and all the edges are lined with leather . Hand sewn, of course: