Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pocket knife mod

I've become really infatuated with knives with orange handles lately, but couldn't find just the right knife that was also available in this color of scale. There are plenty of knives in my possession, so I decided to buy some blank scales in the appropriate color and modify one of my own - a Spyderco Ambitious.
 This model is assembled with all threaded parts, so breaking it down was a snap.

Cutting out the rough shape with a scroll saw:
First and only casualty of the project was the blade. Luckily I had spares:
The rough shapes after cutting. I left some extra material around the lines I'd marked to give me some wiggle room with lining everything up.
Drilling the holes:
Making sure everything fits together:
And here's a cleaned up version.

This was too plain for my tastes though, and I'd also scorched the material in a couple of places. Also, the material is thicker than the original black G10, so I took everything apart and did some further shaping. Here's the final outcome:

I screwed up the heads of the screws that held the pocket clip in place, so hopefully replacements can be found. Now that it's complete, I've realized that I drilled nine holes more than was really necessary. They exist so you can move the pocket clip around to another position if you like, but I always keep it in the same place.


Jessi said...

mmmm....carrot knife. *Like*

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great post, I never thought of it like that before.
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