Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camera case and edge braiding

Here's a recent project - a case to protect an Argus Argoflex 75 camera. The straps are built into the camera, so all that was needed was a case to keep it from getting scratched. It needed to allow access to the tripod mount, shutter advance, attachment points for the flash, the film indicator and the shutter. Of course, the lenses needed to be easily exposed without having to remove the case, so when the flap is opened there is access to the viewfinder and the lenses and the case stays in place.

Current project - making a replacement wallet for one of my favorite clients. He loves the fact that the bright blue of this robot wallet sparked so many conversations, but unfortunately the original wallet was misplaced. Luckily I hang onto all the designs and patterns from previous jobs, so replacements are a snap. Here's a couple of shots of the edge braiding in progress:

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