Sunday, July 24, 2011

New works and the endless creation of key fobs

Lots of work happening in my little kitchen workshop as of late. First up is a commission for a bifold wallet birthday gift. The recipient is a big fan of the George R. R. Martin series " A Song of Fire and Ice" and the wallet was to reflect imagery from "A Game of Thrones." Full disclosure - I haven't read the series yet and don't know if this is from the series or just the first novel. The images were the request of the client, and no matter where they came from this is the result:

Next is a pocket case for 3" x 5" index cards. I've done this type of wallet before, where tabs on one side enable someone to keep a piece of paper for quick and easy note taking, and more cards can be stored inside the case:

My first attempt at a sunglasses case. Well, I lie - I kept the first attempt for myself but didn't photograph it as it's a much sloppier version of this. Soft chrome-tanned leather on the outside and vegetable-tanned leather for the interior should wear well, and the case closes with a magnetic snap. My first version had a glove snap, but it's kind of a pain to snap shut when the glasses are inside:

I've done quite a few key fobs for a local hotel, the Hotel St. Cecilia, but now they want to change things up and make a different version. The ones I've made before were intended as giveaways, but these are destined to be used for the room keys. The one on top with the key is the mockup I was given, and below are some variations I presented to them. These are also meant to be stamped with a small logo for the hotel, but they haven't gotten one made yet:

Finally, the Tentacle Restraint Unit. My lovely girlfriend has a nest of dreadlocks atop her head, and it's been quite a while since the high temperatures dropped below the triple digits. She wanted something to restrain the "tentacles" and keep them off her neck, so I sewed a simple leather strap and made a hairpin to go with it:

The hairpin was once a rod from an old wooden card catalog drawer. I cut it short and carved the brass end into a skull:


Jason Evans said...
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Jason Evans said...

I love the index card holder, you have any for sale?