Monday, May 17, 2010

Working, working

My last post referred to a new case for a dressmakers tape measure, and I seem to remember promising photos of its completion. Well, forget about that, because the first version was terrible. Too small, which made it too hard to snap shut and distorted the shape. So I made another, better one, that will allow me to place my signature stamp in a better location. Once again, pictures will be arriving later.

I did finally get off my lazy rear end and post some of my inventory to my Etsy store. The two front pocket wallets with the racing stripes are new, and were just finished the other day, but the tampon cases have been laying around for months. The idea was to create a new page in my 'proper' website, just for these, but that never did happen. So, let's see how they fare amongst the Etsy crowd:

I've made custom versions of these, but want to see how the plain ones sell before offering the option for customizing.

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Gadora Wilders said...

I <3 mine. Thank you!