Sunday, May 09, 2010

Changing things around

It's time to resurrect this blog, as there's a lot of information I'd like to share that doesn't necessarily need to clutter up my official site. Officially this will be where I can keep clients up to date on my progress, what projects I'm working on, who is next in line for their commission, etc., but also where I can post photos of works in progress or of things that don't really fit into a leatherwork or painting category. So, onward to the updates.

Projects that are complete and are waiting on the client:

Paul C. - bottle opener belt.

Mark H. - robot wallet. Also, let's talk soon about your bookbinding tool project.

Sandra Z. - tentacle bracelet.

Who's next in line:

David A. - belt(s) and bar mats (let me know when you've got time to meet.)


Still creating some inventory, to stock my Etsy store and to keep busy while I'm in between commissions. What I'm working on is mostly wallets, but will probably expand that to include bracelets and cuffs. Recently I finished a batch of brass teeth, and there are seven of these available:

These would make excellent necklace pendants, key fobs, decorations for wallet chains, or whatever else you can think of.

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