Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun and excitement continues with the brass carving, which has been mostly for myself up until this point. However, I've got some ideas for incorporating these little carvings into more practical applications, such as closure hardware for braided leather bracelets and cuffs. The bone was created just for this purpose, and the skull and pug head were for me:

I've also been experimenting with another wallet design. A discussion with a potential Etsy customer made me realize that there may be more interest in tooled leather chain wallets if they weren't all so big and bulky. He was interested in a design that was about halfway between the two main wallets I've been making so far - slim enough to be comfortable, would fit completely in a back pocket but with a snap enclosure and an attachment for a wallet chain. So, I came up with this:

This is of course a rough prototype, but I think with a little refining this will be a great bifold design. Plenty of room for tooling and customization, plus enough room to carry currency and a few cards.

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