Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A bit more drawing and painting

Since the last post I've done some work on the drawing itself, and have been working out the shading for the painting. Once again this is unfamiliar territory, normally once the drawing was committed to the canvas I would have just started painting and figured things out on the fly. But, I have to say, having a nearly completed drawing to reference is working out just fine so far.......although, it doesn't feel quite as loose and spontaneous as paintings usually do without a study to refer to. The following photo is after an outlining session last night, and some time spent working on the hair tonight:

This next photo is of my painting area. This isn't the entire studio, but the area dedicated strictly to painting. Also visible is the result of a leaking air conditioning unit from the upstairs neighbor....there has been a lot of water leaking from the ceiling lately, which explains the tarps over my stereo and computer. And the drywall on the ceiling starting to collapse......

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